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Orphans, errands and Italian food

My weekend started early this time, for once, with a trip to see Annie at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I can get the odd free ticket to productions there via my day job, and initially I hadn’t especially fancied it. After seeing a couple of pretty impressive reviews in the Guardian and the Telegraph, though, I didn’t really want to miss it.

The production absolutely blew me away! As all the papers say, it really is the kids that make it. They’re so professional – every note is perfect, every move is measured and precise. We saw Phoebe Roberts as Annie (she’s alternating with Sophie Downham) and she was everything Annie should be – feisty, but vulnerable, with heaps of street smarts and a healthy dose of optimism. The setting – the USA in recession – couldn’t be more fitting and we left the theatre feeling on top of the world. Honestly, if I’d seen it in the West End, at West End prices, I’d have still loved it.

If you like musical theatre, get Annie tickets. If you need a last minute Christmas present, get Annie tickets. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, get Annie tickets. You won’t regret it!

On the way I had my first ever Fish&, as I never seem to be in town when they are, and they always sell out early at events! Even on this occasion, as it was late evening, they were out of their legendary mac baps, so we settled for the lime and chilli battered fish and sweet potato chips. Gorgeous and the perfect meal to squeeze between some evening shopping and the theatre. Light, satisfying, locally produced and responsibly sourced.

Garlic mayo...YES PLEASE

Why is a menu written in chalk ten times more appetising than a printed one?

Saturday brought errands – we’ve just moved house so we headed to Ikea to pick up some essentials.

The dreaded self service warehouse...does it really save them that much money?

We definitely needed to recover after that, and we had some family in town for a shopping trip, so we headed off to – where else? – the Tiled Hall Café at Leeds Art Gallery for a hot drink and cake. I’ve said this before but there’s nothing I love more than showing off a gorgeous, unique part ofLeeds to someone who’s visiting. They loved the food and the atmosphere (who wouldn’t?) so it was a job well done. My brother-in-law tried the dandelion and burdock cake and pronounced it exceptionally good, so it’s on my list to try next time!

The amazing roof

Pretty Christmas lights

Then on Saturday night, we finally got to try out that Leeds institution, Salvo’s. I’ve been hearing good things about it for years, but never made it there for one reason or another. We had agreed with some friends of ours that instead of presents we would go there for a meal, and it was a great choice. I forgot to take pictures – the company was rather good – but I had the chicken supreme in a garlic cream sauce, and it was divine. It’s on the pricey side unless you stick to pasta and water, but the food really is good and the service is excellent. We left very happy indeed!

After all that excitement, plus the fact that I’m currently recovering from a rather nasty sinus infection, we dedicated Sunday to Christmas films and home made Christmas biscuits with some good friends.

The best Christmas film of all time?

What’s that you say? Why are my pictures so small? Gosh, well, I’ve really got no idea. Sorry.



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Enjoying Leeds solo

I’ve been a bit of a home tourist in Leeds today, all on my lonesome, so I thought I’d share what I’d been up to. I can tend to get a bit lazy when I’m by myself and just stay in enjoying the me time, but I made myself get out and about to enjoy the gorgeous weather this morning – cold but bright!

First off I decided to go up to Roundhay Park for a run. Bangs and a Bun recommended trying a route around the lake, and it was the perfect day for it. I’m very new to running (as in, this was my third ever and I walked nearly all of it) so it really helps to have pretty scenery to distract me from the fact that I’m being lapped by pensioners.


Isn't it beautiful?


Next I headed to Temple Works, where they were having a book sale. The room was crammed with books, plus tons of gorgeous, raggedy old furniture where you can sit and leaf through your finds. I bagged 5 awesome books for £8, and I wish I could say they were Christmas presents for people, but they’re all mine! I’m a real bookworm so I’ll take advantage of pretty much any chance to pick up cheaper books. Plus, second hand helps the planet! The sale is on again tomorrow (Sunday) 1pm to 5pm so do get down there if you have chance – there’s tons to choose from! You’ll especially like it if you’re into psychology, poetry, cultural theory, feminist theory or theology – whilst there’s a wide range of stuff these topics are especially well represented.


A tiny proportion of the books available.


A wider view.


My haul.


I haven’t tucked in to my books yet – I’ve had an evening in with the girls watching X Factor. I live really close to the Sunshine Bakery, so I swung by beforehand to pick up some sweet treats. I did intend to take a photo of them but unfortunately we ate them before I remembered. They went down a treat!

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