Leeds Pub Quizzes: Dock Street Market

When: Mondays at 8pm

Where: Dock Street Market, Dock St, Leeds

The cost of a round: Bizarrely, licensing problems meant there was no alcohol on sale that night, so alcoholic drinks were purchased from the off licence. Soft drinks are £1.50 but the most popular menu items are the teapot cocktails, which range from £12 to £16.50.

The quality of the crisps: Kettle Chips, usually a very respectable choice but they’d sold out of salt and vinegar which was very disappointing.

The cost to enter: It’s free!

The questions: Eight or nine rounds of six questions with standard subjects such as sport, general knowledge, geography and literature. Musical intros are NOT my strong point, but luckily my friends are slightly cooler than I am so all was not lost. The questions started easy in each round and got significantly more difficult; a nice balance, I thought. They did tend towards the kind of question where you either know it or you don’t, rather than the type where you can make an educated guess or where you’re racking your brains for half an hour because you know that you know it. I don’t know which is more frustrating, though!

The experience: This was different to your average pub quiz because Dock St Market isn’t a pub, really; it’s more like a college café that happens to stay open at night and serve booze. It was quite chilled out with a friendly crowd, and it’s quite a small venue so it felt pretty cosy. It was a nice change of atmosphere, really. The drawback was the limited seating. We were lucky to get a table! But, you can’t penalise a place for being popular, so I’d just advise getting there early. The quizmaster spoke clearly, which is a huge plus for me, and it was all quite light hearted and laid back. The food is delicious; one of us who hadn’t eaten ordered a goat’s cheese salad which was just incredible. The game of bingo in the middle is inspired, and very rowdy, although I do apologise for the false alarm when I claimed I had a full house. I didn’t. With prizes for team names, the quiz, a bingo line and a full house, it’s fairly hard to go home empty handed, although we managed it.

The verdict: Overall I had a cracking night. Dock St Market has a great atmosphere and is really friendly and fun, and the bingo game added a nice twist to the evening. 4.5/5


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